We are a unique blend of philosophers, artists, educators, musicians, scientists, and poets

We live, eat, and breathe UX, technology, analytics and marketing.

Creativity and strategy is not squeezed from us, but rather it pours out of us. We don’t simply make creative things; we are creative people and compelling storytellers. We have that unique talent to spark a conversation and build a connection. So no matter what challenge you give us, we’ll take ownership of it, and we don’t give up. We call this our “warrior spirit,” one of three core values.

Curious where the name Amila came from? It is initial of my wife name and mine. ;)


Our mission is to do good work for good people, and our 3 core values guide us every step of the way

1. Warrior Spirit

We are chronic problem-solvers, collaborators, and champions of one another. We persevere. We are architects of client success stories that begin with the words "yes, and..." We’re on a never-ending crusade to bring great ideas to fruition by bringing out the best in each other. Here respect is not just a philosophy — it’s a lifestyle.

2. Learning and Sharing

We pride ourselves on being lifelong learners with insatiable appetites for new perspectives and sharing ideas. Active listeners whose curiosities are never in short supply, we believe you don’t have to be bad to get better! Sandstormers spend 500+ hours each year learning and exploring new technologies, best practices in usability, and digital marketing trends.

3. Have Fun!

There’s no getting around it. We take fun pretty seriously here. We take laughter with our morning coffee, and we know that some of the best ideas come from giving our inner-selves a place to explore and play. The joy we derive from what we do is contagious, and it's one of the reasons why our clients love working with us so much.